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History of RF vs DC

Werner Grimm invented the first modern DC GD-OES source in 1967 and the first commercial DC instrument, RSV Analymat, was released about 1979.

RF was introduced into GD-OES at Renault by Richard Passetemps in 1988 and the first commercial instrument, JY 50S GDS, a combined DC and RF instrument, became available in 1992. At the same time Ken Marcus in USA was developing his RF source.

In the 1990s, independent studies, particularly by Delwyn Jones and Dick Payling at BHP in Australia using one of the first JY 50S GDS,(4)compared the performance of RF and DC and demonstrated the ability of RF GD-OES to analyse both conductive and non-conductive materials. BHP then proposed a quantitative model for RF and the first wholly RF instrument, JY 5000 RF, was released in 1995, followed by the JY 10000 RF in 1996.


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First published on the web: 1 June 2000.

Author: Richard Payling