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2011 Valledor

Rebeca Valledor from Oviedo, Spain, was awarded the Payling prize at the  Winterconference for Plasma Spectrochemisty 2011 in Zaragoza, Spain. She presented her work on the spatially resolved emission produced by a pulsed discharge source used for Mass spectrometry with much enthusiasm and quality. Earlier stages of this work are available in a JAAS article.

The photo shows Rebeca Valledor (left) together with her PhD supervisor Nerea Bordel, both from the Laser and Plasma Spectroscopy Research Group, GELP, of the University of Oviedo at the Payling Prize celebration in Zaragoza.

The EW-GDS is proud to have a new awardee, demonstrating the progress that is being made in research on glow discharges by young researches. This 2011 edition of the Payling award has been sponsored by an even more extended list of instrument manufacturers:

  • Horiba - Jobin-Yvon SAS, France<
  • Spectruma Analytik GmbH, Germany
  • Tofwerk AG, Switzerland
  • Leco Inc, USA
  • ThermoFischer, USA
  • nu Instruments, UK
The EW-GDS gratefully acknowledges the participation of all its sponsors. Without their support the Payling Prize would not be possible.

We are also glad to say that the event has found an echo in the spanish press.

More information about the awarded work by Rebeca Valledor will be available.