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Payling Prize

The Payling Prize is awarded by the European Working group for Glow Discharge spectrometry 'EW-GDS' every 2 years to a scientist, preferably young, presenting her or his work at an international conference chosen by the EW-GDS. The laureate is selected by a committee of scientists from both industry and academia. The composition of the selection committee is decided by the EW-GDS.

The Payling Prize was born off an initiative of Patrick Chapon. The purpose of the prize is to foster research of in the field of analytical glow discharges and to keep alive the memory of Richard Payling. The Payling prize is sponsored by the manufacturers of analytical instruments using glow discharges.

The first Payling prize was sponsored by Horiba Jobin Yvon, where Richard Payling had worked for many years. For the second prize -2007- several manufacturers joined in and the prize was sponsored by Horiba Jobin Yvon, Spectruma Analytik GmbH,  Thermo Fisher Scientific and Tofwerk AG. For the third edition, the EW-GDS succeeded in further broadening the list of sponsors.  Leco Inc joined the sponsors for the 2009 edition of the Payling prize. The list of sponsors to the Payling prize could be extended even further, as Nu - Instruments joined the other manufacturers already sponsoring the prize.

Gerardo Gamez, from Mexico won the first edition of the Payling prize in 2005 during the Plasma Winter Conference, the second edition of the prize was awarded to Antonio Martin from Spain during Ecasia 2007, the third edition of the prize has been awarded to Michael Köster from Germany at the CSI 2009. This years Payling prize was awarded at the Winterconference for Plasma Spectrochemisty, Zaragoza, to Rebeca Valledor, from the Universiy of Oviedo. 

The EW-GDS gratefully acknowledges the support of all its sponsors.